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How can I find the tickets I purchased?
How can I find the tickets I purchased?
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Bandsintown is a concert discovery app that helps users find tickets, but we do not sell tickets directly. The tickets you buy on Bandsintown are either part of our in-app purchase flow, or hosted on the seller's official site where we redirect you. Clicking on that ticket link will take you to the provider where you can buy your tickets. In most cases, that ticket provider will send you a confirmation email after your purchase with detailed instructions on how to access your tickets.

If you are using the mobile version of Bandsintown, you can also check your "Profile" tab at the bottom right corner, then click the gear icon at the top right corner to open your account settings. Scroll down to the "Credit Cards & Purchases" section, then select "Purchases". If you bought those tickets using the credit card on file in Bandsintown, you should see a confirmation of purchases there. We suggest making note of the ticket provider's name in case you do not get the confirmation email. Sometimes the ticket link will take you to an external link to purchase the tickets, and in that case it will not appear in the "Purchases" section of the app.

If you bought your tickets through the website version of Bandsintown, the ticket links will have directed you to the external site belonging to that ticket provider, so you should log in there to find your tickets.

In either case all support, refund requests, and other information about the event should be taken up directly with the seller. You can see what ticket company we have on file for an event by finding the event on your website and clicking the Tickets button. If you do not see any ticket information it would be best to reach out to the venue listed.

If you still can't find your tickets, please click here.

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