Bandsintown is a concert discovery app that helps users find tickets, but we do not sell tickets directly. The tickets you buy on Bandsintown are either part of our in-app purchase flow, or hosted on the seller's official site where we redirect you. In either case all support, refund requests, and other information should be taken up directly with the seller. You can see what ticketing company we have on file by searching for the event on our website, clicking on Tickets, and seeing what website comes up.

If you bought your tickets directly through our app and you aren't seeing your tickets under Purchases in the app, it may help to clear your cache:

If you have an iPhone:

1. Go to your phone settings
2. Scroll down towards the bottom to Bandsintown
3. Scroll down to "Factory Defaults"
4. Toggle ON the switches for "Force Log Out", "Internal Database", and "Image Cache"

If you have an Android:

1. Go to your phone settings
2. Scroll to Apps
3. Scroll to Bandsintown
4. Scroll to Storage then click Clear Data and Clear Cache

If you still aren't seeing your tickets in the app after this it would be best to reach out directly to the ticketing company to get your tickets.

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